Nowadays with social media and technology, we see so much fashionable items for kids and babies that we often forget to ask ourselves if they’re even practical and economical. I am so guilty of buying my kids things they don’t need just because I see them as something cute or will help me in parenting, but is that really the case?

Some of the things I’ve bought for my kids are now stuck in our storage. Actually, for a time being they’ve been quite entertaining but most kids don’t have that sense of “sentimental value”, meaning they play with the toy once and then they forget about it.

Meet our Dino toy from Cognitoys


I actually love this toy. My daughter loves it too but sadly, it can’t substitute for a real talking “running around with ya” buddy.  Well, no one expects that. It’s not working now!!!! I need support from Cognitoys company. Pricey for $99. It is educational but you need to get it working right. My daughter laughed so hard she can’t understand what Dino is telling her. It speaks in a cute weird dino voice. If I get it working again, then maybe it can buy me a few hours of mommy time.

CogniToys are educational Dino companions that learn and grow with kids. Dinos aren’t personal assistants, they are friends who answer questions, tell stories, practice spelling, play games and even lead guided meditations — all without the need for a screen. The Wi-Fi-enabled Dinos engage kids in interactive conversation and get smarter with each automatic content update. –




I got amazed by this JetKids bed box rolling suitcase that converts into a bed on flights so I purchased it for my 4 yr old. Worth it? Yes, but if you don’t travel much and only for short flights, you don’t need one. Price: $169

So back to my tips for being a practical mom:

  1. Refrain from buying small toys or toys that are not even collectibles (won’t sell again). They’re basically cluttering your house and are big choking hazards.
  2. Just buy books, educational toys and only in 1 or 2 pieces. Save your money for better buys on groceries. Your house will look tidier.
  3. Just buy what you need. This is an old advice and quite hard to follow.
  4.  Don’t buy on sale events!!! Don’t get fooled by price discounts. Some are on discount basically because they won’t sell in stores. Sorry.
  5. Buy snacks that your children actually like. Do not experiment and buy different flavors and brands. I suggest you make your own. Healthier.
  6. Display toys neatly. Label.
  7. Buy neutral clothes and toys so you can reuse them. Look at our cabinet here. So many colors, so many unused sizes. Just so many ready to be sent to relatives and garage sale.