Dear Mr. Uber and Mr. Grab,

First of all, I thank you for the wonderful service and convenience I got from your companies. I have stopped driving for a personal reason and now I have hugely relied on your services to take me wherever I go. And in most places I go to, I take my son and or my daughter with me.

With this I am writing this open letter to voice out my experience as a mom with Uber and Grab drivers.

For most drivers I have met, thank you for opening the doors. I applaud you for helping my yayas with our baby strollers. Thank you for helping us carry our groceries. We all appreciate the extra friendly service.

Thank you for driving safely. I didn’t need to ask you to slow down. I didn’t have to tell you to remain calm when traffic is getting worse and when other drivers are getting crazy.

Thank you for being nice and polite especially when I am with my kids. Your words matter. I appreciate that you don’t shout or use expletive words on the phone (thanks for using the earphone for extra safety).

Thank you for changing the radio station to a child friendly one. I don’t want my children to hear the impudent shoutout from the radio dj and how he or she lambasted the showbiz personality.

Thank you for picking me up on time or for still picking us up when we show up a little late because my daughter needed to pee or when my son doesn’t want to leave the place yet.

Thanks for picking me up at the grocery store and then going the extra mile so I can pickup my daughter in another location nearby.

So thank you!

I guess I have encountered the not so nice ones but generally I am thankful enough for the Uber and Grab drivers who act like uncles and dads on the road with us.