My wife is a spoiled brat and I’d like to keep it that way. She deserves to be pampered mentally, emotionally, spiritually and financially.

We always hear the line, “A happy wife is a happy life…” Well I believe that’s true. When the wife is happy, everything follows: delicious home-cooked meals, clean house, peaceful ambience, happy children, and rock n’ roll nights. I think happy people tend to live a more positive life in general.

Though some issues continue to exist in the household, a happy wife tends to solve problems in a more diplomatic way. So how to make your wives happy?

Spend time with her

Bring the romance back in the relationship by spending time with her. Wives appreciate it when husbands give them time even if both are busy with work. Taking the wife out for lunch or dinner or heading straight to the cinemas can make a difference in her mood. Even cuddling in the couch or offering her a massage means a lot.

Give her “me” time

She’s busy with the kids and if she’s working too, chances are, she always have her hands full.  Take the kids out so she can watch her favorite show at home. Treat her so she can go to the salon and shop a little. Let her go out and have some fun with her friends. She deserves to be pampered after all the time she has continued to serve you and the kids with all her heart.

Grow with her

Never compete with your wife. Instead grow with her. Support her endeavors the way she supports you.

Do not quarrel about finances

Set aside your differences, even financially. Communicate with your wife on how both of you will handle the budget of the family. Most couples fight over money and that shouldn’t be the case. Remember your duties as the man of the house and the wife as the light of the family. Let your wife decide whether she will be fine both working and handling the household or dedicate herself to the family at home. Nevertheless, it shouldn’t matter who earns more, what’s important is that both wife and husband contribute to the benefit of the family in their own ways.

Consider her feelings

Hormones. Mood swings. Red letter days. She will be transforming into different personalities all the time. However, because you love her and you married her – consider her feelings. Sometimes, she wouldn’t tell you what’s wrong. Take the cues. She’s quiet and she is not smiling, then something’s up. Ask her nicely how you can make her feel better. Maybe she’s just tired or it maybe something you did and you need it to fix it…right away.

Take her on vacations

Let’s face it. Money helps but it’s not all about money when it comes to vacations. If you’ve got the resources, take her to her dream vacation with or without the kids. Ask her what she wants. A second honeymoon or fun time with the kiddos. No moolah? Plan a simple city escape. Remember happiness is about the experience and who you’re spending it with.

Talk to her

Open communication is key in every relationship. Ask about her day. Share your thoughts and plans with her. Some couples are so used to their routines that they fail to communicate what’s in their hearts. Make it a point to praise each other and laugh with each other.

Be honest

Honesty is still the best policy in every relationship.  Be honest with your feelings. Be honest not to hurt her feelings with the truth but as to not aggrevate the situation. Be faithful to your duties as a father and a husband. Do not betray her trust.

Proverbs 28:20

A faithful man will abound with blessings, But he who makes haste to be rich will not go unpunished.

Be a proactive father

How you treat your kids as a dad has a big impact on how your wives see you. Being a proactive father means commitment and having goals for the betterment of the family. Even when you’re tired from work, you make it a point to extend a helping hand in taking care of the kids. You are present in school activities and family outings. You are involved in your kids life.

Be nice to her family and friends

Her extended family is your family. Her friends are your friends. Show them the same love and respect you give her. Learn how to mingle and set aside family differences in values and traditions.