Look at yourself. You are beautiful. You feel confident. You feel secure. But no. Deep inside, you can feel insecure. You feel like using that concealer. You wanted to vomit that cup of rice or maybe not. But yes, deep inside you wanted to look perfect. If you didn’t want to be beautiful, you will eat that full slice of cake without regret. You will not go to a skin clinic to inject that pimple. You will not buy makeup. There will be no visit to the salon ever. You will not even try to look like Liza Soberano or those Victoria Secret Angels.


Why do we want to be beautiful? Do we want to impress?  Impressing others gives us a sense of fulfillment..satisfaction..acceptance..approval from society. We want to feel happy. But is being beautiful equal to happiness? Let’s say a beautiful woman married a rich man. Yes, her beauty landed her a good life. Hell no, the rich man was psychotic. He was a woman beater and she ended up in the hospital.

Another beautiful woman won the Miss Universe. A true beauty. She is popular. She is happy. Yes, maybe she is. She has money. She has a career. A love life even. Yet, I doubt she is not like many of us who go through day to day conflicts. Wake up, she is human.

A beautiful person. A wonderful life. Peaceful. Yet, committed suicide for depression. We may not know what caused her depression.

No one will ever be perfectly beautiful. Aesthetically achievable, beauty can be created. Like Dr. Vicky Belo said, “Be the best version of yourself….” I don’t see anything wrong with that. As long as you know your limitations and the consequences, go for it. You decide for your body but you need to make a smart decision. Moderation is key.

We were born to appreciate beauty because anything that God created is true beauty. What is natural is truly beautiful. Yet most of us, do not see it this way because we are very visual creatures. We would rather trade intelligence with physical beauty.

Beauty has so many faces…many definitions. There is nothing wrong if you want to be beautiful.

How to be really beautiful?

Practice kindness, positivity, self control, and feel good about life in general. The law of attraction is based on that thought. You probably won’t transform into Gal Gadot overnight, but you can absorb the passion and spirit of a Wonder Woman. Focus on your overall general well being. Being beautiful means being healthy in mind and spirit. Beauty on the outside will radiate if internally you are beautiful.

How do you define beauty?

Are you happy with your body or shall I ask, are you happy with yourself?