We love traveling as a family. We’re out and about about five times a year and we always bring our two children with us. Traveling with toddlers can give you a hard time especially if you’re not bringing along extra help. So here’s a few tips that work for us:

  1. Check everything you need to bring. Make a checklist of all important stuffs you need to carry in your luggage. Travel light but pack it full. You can combine your stuffs with the kids’ and organize them well in your luggage. Too many hand carried items might make you forget some stuffs on the plane or elsewhere and of course, you will have a hard time moving around. Some basic items we always pack are the following: diapers, clothes suited for the weather, milk, bottle, water, shoes, socks, vitamins, medicine, baby wash, bottle wash, baby wipes, art or sensory toys, snacks.

  2. Bring a small separate diaper bag with all the basic necessities for the toddler or baby so you can easily reach for it when in the plane.

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    Choose and prebook seats with extra leg room. You can request for it from the airline. This will give you more space and comfort especially when attending to the child.

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    Normally kids just fall asleep on the plane when you hand them a bottle. If not, keep them entertained with sensory toys, books, flash cards, art activities or temporarily allow them to watch their favorite show. Eating is best done on the plane! Offer them their favorite healthy snack or a lollipop if you’re not too strict about it. Make sure you clean their hands and sanitize the surrounding area because everybody eats on the plane.

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  5. We know how kids behave on the plane. You simply can’t contain them in one area. It is advisable to strap in the seat belt at all times, however if the child is uneasy, you may want to walk with the child in the plane aisle. If the child is crying, offer a pacifier or gently sway him or her with a lullaby.

  6. We have purchased Jetkids bed box. This is costly and just an option.Jet Kids is a premium carry-on dimensioned, ride-on suitcase, with an integrated bed/leg-rest feature.

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    • Ride-on suitcase
    • Sleep-on suitcase
    • Carry-on dimensions


7. Choose your flight time well. It may be best to choose the time of day when they’re still sleepy so they can just extend their sleeping time on the plane or in the stroller at the airport.

8. Write all your passport info on a small paper or memorize them so you don’t have to stop or bring out your passports when you need to fill up a form or travel card. Best to put them in a transparent waterproof pouch.

9. Request for pillows and a blanket. If you need to let them sleep you can tie the ends of the blanket to form a knot or clip them on the tray table.