Two kids: one toddler and a 5 yr old. I am no WonderWoman. I have accepted that. I don’t have an 8 to 5 job either. I blog, trade domains, forex, and websites on my spare time. I am a homemaker so I got my hands full¬† but I am lucky to have household help. It’s not that I can’t do all work by myself. It’s difficult but attainable with time management. I’ve done that abroad. So if you’re hiring any yayas for your child, I make sure to explain my rules/requirements at home before hiring them.

    1. All clearances check: Barangay, NBI, police clearance. It is vital to request all these from your agency. Never hire anyone without any ID unless someone you know can vouch for them. Trustworthy kasambahays are rare to find.
    2. Medical – hygiene included. Look at the nails, skin, and if they have no bad breath. I am of course not being discriminatory here. I am after good hygiene and cleanliness. After all, she will be with my child often.
    3. Never shout or lay a finger on my child. As a mom, we sometimes cannot control our parental emotions when dealing with tantrums and crying spells. However, we unconditionally love them. Your yaya does not have this power ever. You are hiring the yaya so they can at least relieve you from all the stress. They should be able to control their emotions as this is part of their duty. If they can’t, they better leave. Or at least teach the yaya how to better channel her emotions, like if the child is being extra naughty, they should tell you right away.CCTV -You can tell them right away that there is a security camera installed and you always check it. Make them see you check it too. Do not think it is better to just make them realize after that you have CCTV installed because what we are trying to prevent is for them to do bad things especially to your child.
    4. Don’t be a chismosa. Let them know family matters are none of their business. If they want to complain of something, let them tell you straight away and not make up stories with other helpers.
    5. Please wear uniform- clean uniform. I let them wear not because you want to label them as “yayas”. You want to make them wear because often times, their clothes are not decent enough (shorts, sandos, etc) when you go to a party or to the mall. You can also buy them plain colored shirt and light pants to add to their comfort if you are not buying uniforms.
    6. Do not eat the snacks of my children unless they are given to you. Sounds harsh, but no. It is just not ethical for anyone rich or poor to get other people’s food without permission. We all share the same food at home but please let them be mindful that I bought the food for my child and not for you.
    7. Mention to them that you as a mother always knows what is best for your child. I like my yaya alert and smart but not smarter than me. I make decisions for my child. Let them know you welcome their thoughts on parenting but do not impose it on my child without letting me know.
    8. Follow a routine. I do not want to tell them what to do all the time so write down a timeline for feeding etc.
    9. No advances especially if they are on a day off or will be leaving temporarily. If it’s a valid emergency, give them the option to advance only once every 6 months or twice a year. Let them know that just like them, you are also working for your budget at home.
    10. Strictly no cellphone when taking care of my child. You need them to concentrate on their work. I only allow phones when they are in their rooms or break time.
    11. Know your yaya’s birthday so you can give them a special treat. I always give them extra money and cake on their birthdays.
    12. Make sure my child is not on his/her ipad/tv when it’s not scheduled. As a mom, you can plan your children’s activities with the yaya like going to a play area, doing art etc.
    13. No secrets. If my child bumps his/her head let me know. I know as parents, we cannot always check our CCTV round the clock.
    14. Explain to them the kasambahay law.
    15. Please show extra concern to my children. I had this yaya before. I told her that her work hours are from 7am to around 8pm. So, when my husband and I went to the concert, I told her to take care of my child until we arrive. She just left them with the other maids. Why? She said her work is only till 8. Explain to them that as a yaya, she is like a second mom, so if you’re not there, then they should not ever leave the kids.
    16. Be courteous and show good manners. Find a well-mannered yaya. Your children will pick up their words and actions. Just tell them to use appropriate words.

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