is an online rewards community for moms, parents and families. Members are free to join and participate in discussions to get real rewards.

⦁ Easily share your photos, updates, news, videos and links
⦁ Add friends and chat with them
⦁ Earn points to shop items for free
⦁ Add events, classifieds, business listing, and forum topics

The first in the Philippines, Babies.Ph, is the newly launched website of Web Giant Online Trading which focuses on building an exclusive community of moms, parents, and families all joined together to create an interactive atmosphere while reaping rewards for themselves.

Members can create individual pages and groups that will have distinct roles in the online community. Some of which run an e-commerce store while others are regular moms and housewives who just want to reach out to other moms.

The main goal for Babies.Ph is not only to create an interactive community but to also spread love and happiness by rewarding moms with different items from our well-loved brands and partners

According to its founder, Russel Gabiola, “Babies.Ph is currently running on auto-pilot. It grows on its own because members have become proactive sharing ideas with one another. We are only a few days old but we have now more than 1,500 members. Members are also very eager to earn rewards for themselves. Our community is actually based on symbiosis and mutual benefits.”

When members sign-up at the website, they can easily share photos, updates, news, videos and links. Moreover, members can add events, put up a classifieds ad, submit a business listing, and create forum topics. They can also add friends, follow, and chat with them in real time. All of these while earning points to shop items for free.

For the past 5 years in the baby industry, Babies.Ph, has been active in baby trade fairs here and abroad. It has also made its presence on TV and family magazines.