I live outside the Philippines. Can I still join?

Yes. We offer 100% free global membership.  Our standard shipping fee is $4 USD for Philippine residents and $9.99 USD for international. Since we also have sponsors from different countries where the items will ship from, shipping rates are lower.

How does the Points system work?

You will earn varying points by participating in different social activities in the website.  1 USD is equivalent to 200 points.

Do coupons expire?

No unless otherwise stated.

Can you ship my reward outside the Philippines?

Yes! However, member will shoulder all taxes and shipping costs incurred.

It’s my birthday! Do you give points on birthdays?

Yes! You get 1000 points on your birthday!

Why do I have to pay shipping?

Simply because we cannot shoulder all shipping costs. Items have already been given for free or at discounted rates.

Is this legit? 

Yes. We are registered as WEB GIANT ONLINE TRADING in the Philippines.

Where are the items from?

The items are from Australia and US. All taxes and duties paid for. Other items will come from our partnership deals from different companies.

What if the items are out of stock?

Kindly wait for a restock or choose another item. We cannot guarantee when or if a certain item will restock.

What kind of blog can I write to get approved?

We would need original family-friendly articles with at least 500 words.

Can I have more than 1 account?

Sorry we will only honor 1 account which means you have to cancel the other account in order to redeem points. Otherwise, both accounts will be forfeited and marked as spam.

Why did I lose my points?

You will only lose points if you have already converted your points to a shop discount. You will also lose points if there are spam or suspicious activities on your profile. Another reason is when an admin has forfeited a certain point rule due to a technicality or bug issue.

Can I exchange or refund an item?

Unfortunately, once an item is redeemed it can no longer be exchanged or refunded. Exceptions may be granted on a case to case basis. Please note that designs are limited and we cannot guarantee a specific design request. Only the available design will be shipped.

I need more help. Who can I talk to?

Please add @support as your friend.




We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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