Knot Genie Teeny Genie Brush



Knot Teeny Genie Detangling Brushes were created for everyone whose endured foot stomping and screaming that come with brushing a child’s tangled hair. With the Knot Genie, even the curliest, most knotted-up, gnarly hair all but slips through the unique bristle configuration, gently and painlessly. The unique cloud-shaped top fits the palm nicely, whether right or left handed; so it feels more like an extension of one’s hand than a grooming tool. Choose cool designs from: Metallic Pink, Metallic Purple, Metallic Blue, Metallic Silver, Fairy Pink, Cloud Blue, Puff of Purple, and Camouflage. With the Knot Genie the hair brushing process is far more hassle-free, gentle, and most importantly, finished quickly. Et Voila! Mother Rikki Mor’s vision for her detangling brush wasn’t today’s worldwide recognition, being featured on the “Today Show” or being talked about by thousands of bloggers. It all started out of pure frustration. She had had it with spending literally hundreds of dollars a year on hair products that would help tame her three daughters’ different hair types. She had vivid memories of running away from her own mother’s hairbrush, leading to a childhood of chopped off hair and people thinking she was a boy because her name was Rikki! Determined to not have her children face the same challenges, Rikki set her mind to developing a detangling brush that would provide both detangling and peace in the home. With the help of a few product designers and Rikki’s vision, the Knot Genie was born. Finally a detangling product that did what it said it did; helping to not only detangle but increase children’s independence. A brush that was so effective yet gentle that even children with sensory issues wanted to use it. A product that has gone from a means to help children to one that adults and hair styling professionals can’t live without. All because a smart and caring mom stepped up and wanted to make a difference.

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